About Us

Kenspeckle Ė Beyond the norm.

Kenspeckle is an independent artisan band of confectioners based in Northumberland Ė Englandís most northerly, and least populated county. Itís a place of wild contrasts, from rolling hills to miles of sandy beaches - From romantic cliff-top castles to vibrant party cities. We think itís this diversity which makes the people so individual, and itís these people who make Ken Spekle confectionary.

We are committed to the art of confectionary in all its forms Ė Silky luxury chocolates and melt-in-the mouth creamy fudge. The experience is everything and Kenspeckle offers the discerning sweet tooth, or those fortunate enough to be on the gift list of one, a unique opportunity to indulge their senses in a world of pleasure.

Kenspeckle is a traditional Northumbrian word meaning distinctive or easily recognised. We make our chocolate distinctive by bringing together the finest chocolate the world has to offer, with the unique tastes and cultures of the Northeast.

The greatest favorites of yester-year given a traditional artisan twist, from Northumbrian honey truffles to Puffin Beak pralines, our chocolates are to be savoured and celebrated. Ė Thatís Kenspeckle.