Where to find Kenspeckle this Christmas 2017

Thursday 19th October 2017

21st October-Alnwick
22nd October-Newcastle Quayside
27th October-Hexham Winter Christmas
28th October-Hexham Winter Christmas
28th October-Alnwick
29th October-Newcastle Quayside
2nd November-Living North
3rd November-Living North
4th November-Living North
5th November-Living North
5th November-Newcastle Quayside
7th November-Block and Tackle
11th November-Alnwick
12th November-Newcastle Quayside
16th November-Virgin Money
17th November-ISOS
19th November-Hexham Wedding Venue
24th November-Gateshead Christmas
25th November-Gateshead Christmas
25th November-Tynemouth Christmas FF
26th November-Tynemouth Christmas FF
29th November-County Hall
1st December-Procter and Gamble Longbenton
2nd December-Morpeth Farmers
2nd December-Alnwick Christmas
3rd December-Newcastle Quayside
3rd December-Utility Wise
5th December-Quorum
6th December-Brocksbushes Christmas Market
7th December-Virgin Money
7th December-Brocksbushes Christmas Market
8th December-Brocksbushes Christmas Market
9th December-Brocksbushes Christmas Market
10th December-North Shields Victorian Christmas Market
10th December-Newcastle Quayside
10th December-Grainger Market
11th December-Grainger Market
12th December-Grainger Market
13th December-Grainger Market
14th December-Grainger Market
15th December-Grainger Market
16th December-Grainger Market
16th December-Alnwick
17th December-Grainger Market
17th December-Newcastle Quayside
22nd December-Alnwick
23rd December-Alnwick

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